Destiny 2 destination materials to be depreciated, finally

Destiny 2 destination materials will depreciated as of Season 19, though players who have been hoarding them will still be able to sell them for glimmer

Destiny 2 destination materials to be depreciated in Season 19, finally: An image of Spider in the Eliksni hideaway.

In this week’s hefty TWAB, the Bungie team shared its intention to depreciate Destiny 2 destination materials in Season 19. Such materials have played a role in the game’s economy since the original Destiny, but have become rather cumbersome as the space game continues to evolve.

The depreciation will impact Destiny 2 materials including Dusklight Shards, Microphasic Datalattice, Helium Filaments, Baryon Boughs, Spinmetal Leaves, and Glacial Starwort. However, Guardians with excess destination materials on hand don’t need to worry about using them by the end of the current season, as Bungie will allow players to continue to trade their stockpiles for glimmer for an undisclosed amount of time.

Starting in Season 19, which is the last season before the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion releases in February 2023, players who have destination materials in their inventories will be able to visit Rahool, the cryptarch, to exchange them in stacks of 20 for 5,000 glimmer (or 250 glimmer each if a player has fewer than 20 remaining).

Enhancement prisms and ascendant shards will no longer require destination materials as part of the exchange and instead will require legendary shards, along with 10 cores and 10,000 glimmer for each prisim and 10 prisms and 50,000 glimmer for each shard. Beginning next season, Rahool will also accept Dark Fragments, Phantasmal Fragments, and Herealways Pieces in exchange for glimmer.

Since destination materials are among the easiest ways to obtain the glimmer needed to upgrade and alter weapons and armour, Bungie has opted to increase glimmer payouts for public events. Heroic events will dole out 10k-12.5k glimmer, while normal-mode events will only grant 3.3k-4.645k.

Generally, players will see that upgrades and tasks that typically required destination materials will now require legendary shards or will no longer have any materials requirement.

However, as they exist on the actual destination, materials will still be worth obtaining as they’ll directly grant glimmer and XP. The TWAB also notes that world vendors Devrim Kay and Failsafe will see some slight changes, such as an additional daily bounty for each and the removal of the sale of sunset weapons players cannot upgrade to the game’s current level cap.

The TWAB also outlines weapon balance updates as Bungie continues to iterate on its weaponry.

These updates include changes to auto rifle stability, bow stow speeds, pulse rifle handling and range, scout rifle damage, sidearm auto aim falloff distance, SMG damage, the intrinsic Precision Frame perk recoil direction on fusion rifles, glaive damage resistance, sniper rifle flinch, trace rifle stability, and rocket launcher blast radius.

Bungie also removed an audio cue from the Gutshot Straight perk and removed the Rangefinder perk’s 20% bonus on aim assist falloff.

Changes to exotic weapons include Jade Rabbit aim assist reduction, accuracy and damage changes for Lord of Wolves (including a 40% PvE damage buff), recoil and aim assist stat reductions for No Time to Explain, and reduced Riskrunner resistance against Guardians when Arc Superconductor is active from 50% to 15%.

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