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Destiny 2’s hotfix hasn’t finished off the buffalo error yet

Destiny 2

Bungie are finally wrangling Destiny 2’s buffalos. The buffalo error code, that is. A networking error that’s been especially infamous on PC, where it’s appeared to persist long beyond understandable early server troubles.

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Hotfix was released last week to address the error, but it seems this hasn’t entirely fixed the problem, with Bungie saying in their latest newsletter that “some players are receiving erroneous Buffalo errors within the game client.” For now, Bungie are recommending some specific adjustments network configuration, particularly configuring UPnP.

Buffalo is supposed to represent an error with the platform’s services, either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live on consoles, or Battle.net on PC. The computer version of the issue can also be caused by logging into Destiny 2 on multiple PCs at once.

The developers are also looking into an error that causes Faction Rally tokens to be lost when creating a new character, which they hope to have fixed before Season 2’s first Rally event. They’re also investigating Leviathan’s Calus suddenly becoming invulnerable, black screens when loading into the Tower, and a few other smaller issues. These all join the larger Vital Information and Known Issues list.