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Here’s exactly how much PvE content is in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 PvE

With Destiny 2’s console release being next week, it’s only natural that it would spring a few leaks. Following someone getting their hands on an early copy of a GameStop guide for Destiny 2, we’ve got a good idea on the amount of PvE content in the base game.

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Translated from French by Reddit user a_tortoise_IRL, it looks like Destiny 2’s campaign will only have “17 main missions” at launch. That’s fewer than the original’s 20, but the sequel will offer a lot more side-content: Destiny 2 has four world quests, each composed of four missions, plus one-off Adventures, Lost Sectors, and more, so there should be no shortage of stuff to do. The guide doesn’t include hidden missions either, so there’s potential for the number of side-quests to go even higher.

Still, this puts the recent claim that Destiny 2’s campaign was going to have “over 80 missions and PvE activities” into a certain context: the phrase “PvE activities” could have meant anything from a full mission to a quick favour for an NPC.

As for Strikes, there will be technically six available on launch – with one of them being exclusive to those playing Destiny 2 on PS4. Though the original also launched with five Strikes, they quickly got stale given their prominence in Destiny’s mid-game gear grind. Here’s hoping Bungie will add new Strikes soon after release.

Another Redditor who got their hands on a game guide early posted aleakdetailing every single Exotic weapon and armour piece that will appear in the launch version of Destiny 2. There will be 51 Exotic items in total, with 18 Exotic weapons and 11 Exotic armour pieces for each of Destiny 2’s three classes. 16 of the weapons will be brand new, along with around seven or eight new armour pieces per class. As for Legendary weapons, there will be over 100, so there’s plenty of stuff to loot.

When you also consider that Destiny 2’s first DLC is planned to launch sometime in December, there should be more than enough content to keep Guardians occupied until the end of 2017.