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Destiny 2 is getting clan chat soon, and the weekly reset will be later in the day

Destiny 2 New Monarchy

With less than a month to go until Destiny 2’s second season and its Curse of Osiris DLC, the latest Bungie update is full of interesting news. The weekly reset times will be changing, the devs say “getting clan chat into the game is one of our highest priorities,” and other social features are under consideration.

The Tower’s factions are still competing until the next reset – pledge your allegiance with our Destiny 2 faction rally guide.

The weekly reset is Destiny 2’s most meaningful punctuation mark – it’s when your milestone activities are refreshed and your characters get another chance at powerful gear drops. It didn’t always coincide with patches, event launches, and content releases, however, which caused issues. Hence, starting on December 5, it will occur at 17:00 UTC, rather than 01:00 Pacific time. Here’s what that means for your time zone:

  • 09:00 Pacific
  • 12:00 Eastern
  • 17:00 GMT
  • 21:00 MSK
  • 02:00 JST
  • 04:00 AEDT
  • 06:00 NZDT

Social designers M.E. Cheung and Steve Dolan are also on hand to answer community feedback about this side of the game, which has been largely negative. That’sespecially true on PC, where text chat and the features of Blizzard’s Battle.net app have led us to expect a more social experience.

Bungie have said they want an “opt-in” social culture so as to discourage toxicity, but this excuse doesn’t do much to explain why there’s no clan chat, given that you opt in to clans (incidentally, here’s where you can opt in to ours). M.E. Cheung agrees:

“We want it in the game too! Getting clan chat into the game is one of our highest priorities, and we hope we can get it into a release as soon as possible.”

Dolan suggests public zone chat might also be coming: “We’re interested in a Tower/zone chat too, but we have to prioritise it against all of other asks.” That’s a more substantial shift from Bungie’s original ‘opt-in only’ position, so it’s nice to see that their minds can be changed.

Destiny 2 New Monarchy

Another annoyance – which has been getting on my own nerves since Destiny 1 – is that we can currently change only one of our four hotkeyed emotes, massively limiting our ability to express ourselves. That’s also going to change with the addition of an emote wheel, but again, the release date is no more precise than “as soon as possible,” according to Cheung.

One more thing: the first Clarion Call event is kicking off on November 17 – basically, it’s a double XP event. Everything you do in a Fireteam with a fellow clan member will get you double the normal gains, which is nice if you fancy a few more Bright Engrams.

Here’s the news in full over at Bungie.