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Destiny 2 is May’s Humble Monthly early unlock

Destiny 2 has seen some steep discounts in the past few weeks, including a flash sale bringing the price down to a record low of $10. This special is a couple of bucks more, but it does bring a selection of other titles and a convenient digital key for the game - Destiny 2 is the featured early unlock for this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle.

April Humble Monthly

As the month’s early unlock, at $12 purchase will get you access to Destiny 2 right now, with a selection of other mystery games - promised to be valued at least over $100 - will unlock when the monthly subscription rolls over on June 1. Buying in anytime before then will get you a code to unlock Destiny 2.

AAA games have been part of the selection before, but Destiny 2 is certainly one of the biggest and most recent games, and the first title on the service to come from Activision Blizzard. The deal might sting a bit for the game’s early adopters, though it’s certainly a welcome one if you’ve been holding out on playing the game.

You might also wonder what the free-falling prices mean for Destiny 2 in the long run. Activision say the game was their biggest PC launch yet and Bungie are talking up loads of support for it this year, so clearly there’s confidence there, even with prices dropping as quickly as they have. With new players coming in on these cheap prices and Warmind on the immediate horizon, we’ll see how the game’s further fortunes fare.

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Chris J Capel avatarQDP2 avatar
Chris J Capel Avatar
2 Months ago

Most importantly, the $10 sale was a physical copy and only available in the US. This one is digital and is available worldwide, which means I can actually get it now!

QDP2 Avatar
2 Months ago

Bungie are sligh... Talk about throwing a bait, they'll get as many people hooked as possible so they can spend the exorbitant DLC prices each season. I wouldn't be shocked if Destiny 3 went 1 step further and became free to play with premium season-pass content.

I give the game too much hate, as I've said before the gameplay is fun and the raids were very satisfying. I always felt let down with the relatively low scale of content and the requirement to either own the latest DLC or stop playing. WoW was the same but at the least their DLCs are large and sparse (not to mention all but the latest is given free).