New Destiny 2 footage leaked out of SDCC

New Destiny 2 footage

Some new Destiny 2 footage was shown off at SDCC last week to attendees, one of whom dutifully recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube. It shows baldy Commander Zavala giving a rousing speech, preparing his chums for war. 

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Though the recording is low quality, it’s impossible to mistake the imposing voice of Lance Reddick, Zavala’s voice actor. The Fringe and Wire veteran is no stranger to games, having lent his voice to the first game, as well as both his voice and likeness to characters in Horizon Zero Dawn and Quantum Break.

We can only hope that this clip is indicative of the rest of the game and that the cast will get more opportunities to show off their acting chops. The first game boasted an exceptional cast who were pitifully underutilised, especially in the base game. It was just a waste of talent.

Destiny 2 is due out on PC on October 24.