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Destiny 2’s One Thousand Voices Exotic kills two PvP opponents in one shot

One Thousand Voices is here, and Destiny 2 may never be the same

The Last Wish went live last week, finally giving players access to Destiny 2: Forsaken’s toughest challenge. It’s proven to be the hardest raid in all of Destiny, with the race for world first setting a lengthy new record of nearly 19 hours before a team managed to complete it. Thankfully, your rewards are worthwhile – in fact, one of those drops might just be the best gun in Destiny history.

That’s One Thousand Voices, an Exotic fusion rifle. The primary perk, Ahamkara’s Eye, tells you that “charging this weapon unleashes a giant continuous beam of death” – and that’s not flavourful hyperbole. As YouTuber Mtashed showcases in the video below, One Thousand Voices can kill a Nightfall boss in four shots. It can kill two PvP opponents in one shot. It can melt Gambit’s Primeval bosses in seconds – in short, it’s supremely powerful across every part of Destiny 2.

Whether it’s the best single target weapon in D2 is a matter of debate – though that discussion will be a fierce one – but it’s certainly the gun that’s most the deadly in the most varied situations. Its Unforeseen Repercussions perk makes everything the laser hits explode after a brief delay, essentially letting you paint a swath of AOE damage wherever you want.

The limitations of One Thousand Voices are basically your ability to account for the charge time as you point and shoot. It uses heavy ammo, so you won’t be able to fire it non-stop in Crucible – but when it’s out, it’ll melt your enemies. In PvE you’re not going to have much trouble against… well, anything.

Check out our Last Wish raid guide for details on what you’ll have to do to bring the gun home. You might also want to see our Sleeper Simulant guide – it’s not One Thousand Voices, but it’s another excellent weapon that’ll help carry you through the grind.