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Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter event exploit makes infinite donations

A Destiny 2 community event exploit lets players generate infinite donations for the Eliksni Quarter event, and it could have accelerated challege progress

Destiny 2 community event exploit generates infinite donations: Eido hoards a relic in the Season of Plunder.

A Destiny 2 community event exploit lets players generate infine map fragments, which players can then donate as part of the game’s currently ongoing Eliksni Quarter event. This exploit may help explain why the event, which requires 400 million treasure, has already surpassed its goal within a day of the event launch.

About 12 hours after the launch of the Destiny 2’s Eliksni Quarter community event, players were on on track to complete it within approximately one week. However, overnight, donations surpassed 400 million to complete the event milestone, which could be partially related to an exploit that allows players to turn in unlimited map fragments in the space game.

Players were unable to turn in map fragments as reward currency until the community reached its first collective milestone of 40 million Captain’s Coins. However, once players reached that number, they quickly learned of an exploit that would allow them quickly generate unlimited map fragments.

Destiny Tracker shared the exploit via Twitter.

In order to trigger the exploit, players have to have the Under One Banner upgrade, and must also have the Rumored Treasure Map unlocked from the game’s seasonal content. Players then must select a treasure map and then visit the donation area to donate all their coordinates. Switching back and forth between the map and the Rumored Treasure Map then allows players to donate up to eight map fragments at at time.

Numerous players chimed in to say that they had also used the exploit.

Bungie’s official support account on Twitter has yet to acknowledge the issue and has made no mention of a patch. Even if Bungie chooses to patch the issue, it may be too little too late as players have already taken advantage of the exploit, and it seems it would be difficult to revert the collections to no longer account for the map fragments gained through the exploit.

However, should Bungie patch the exploit, it may also revert players’ personal reward amounts to the numbers they would have been had they not used the exploit.

It’s also unclear whether the exploit had a substantial impact on the amount of currency the community is generating. While the exploit is a quick and easy way to generate fragments, many players are also turning in their destination materials at a 1:1 ratio. Many Guardians are eager to get rid of such materials now that such materials will be depreciated in Destiny 2 season 19.

Regardless, it appears the event is well on its way to completion. Presumably, the storyline will lead Guardians into the next season and will and prepare them for what to expect with the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, which will also introduce the Destiny 2 Strand subclass into the game.