Destiny 2 Iron Banner returns with Cabal turrets in Fortress mode

Destiny 2 Iron Banner returns with a new mode that adds a PvE element into the PvP activity, challenging Guardians to defeat Cabal turrets to capture zones

Destiny 2 Iron Banner returns with Cabal turrets in Fortress mode: Empress Caiatl stands tall.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner has returned, but this time, the fan-favourite activity contains an extra layer of PvE gameplay. Fortress, a new Cabal-themed mode, is similar to Control, a standard capture-the-zone mode similar to modes popular in many online shooters. However, in the new Destiny 2 Iron Banner season 19 mode, players must not only face off against one another in the FPS game but must also take down turrets to capture “high-value zones” that grant more points than the other capture zones.

Iron Banner is a Crucible event that takes place twice per season, featuring special game modes as well as gear and rewards only available from the activity. In the Crucible’s Control mode, players score points by capturing zones. Guardians gain two points for each zone they control at each time interval. When a team controls two zones, the game deems it zone advantage and grants four points at each time interval. When a team captures all three, it’s a power play, and the team gains six points for each interval.

In the Fortress mode, rules are similar to Control, except that twice throughout the match, a Cabal drop pod lands on one of the capture points. Players must then face off against one another and Cabal turrets to claim the zone. The team that manages to capture the Cabal zone earns a larger number of points over a shorter period of time.

This new mode also has a tie-in with the game lore. In the past, Cabal Empress Caiatl, who is now allied with the Vanguard, has expressed her interest in the Crucible. When fans heard this, some suggested they wished she would be involved in Iron Banner, possibly even voicing the activity. It seems that incorporating the Cabal turrets into Iron Banner was a way to honour her reputation as a warlord by allowing her to engage with PvP combat activities on behalf of the Vanguard.

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