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PC used to be Destiny 2’s smallest platform - now it’s the biggest

Behold, the best place to play Destiny 2

A Hunter, Warlock, and Titan in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has had a big week with the launch of Shadowkeep and its free-to-play debut, and all the hype has brought in a bunch of new and returning players. While it’s no surprise to see the Destiny 2 player count reaching new heights thanks to its newly-removed price of entry, the launch has shuffled the platform hierarchy, and PC is now the game’s top platform.

Steam players currently comprise 41% of the overall Destiny 2 pie, according to data from the community-built tracker, Charlemagne. PlayStation 4 comes in second with 34% of players, and Xbox One trails in third with 25%. An archived version of the same page from back in July shows the PC version (then on Battle.net) with 22% of players, compared with 32% on X1 and 46% on PS4.

Clearly, the jump to Steam has paid off. The Charlemagne bot on Discord shows more specific player counts. On October 8, Destiny 2 saw 2.38 million players overall. 743k were on PS4, 600k were on Xbox One, and while this bot is still stuck with old Battle.net data for now, that leaves over a million daily players on Steam. (The bot also tracks a different period of time than the website, so the percentages are slightly different.)

Since its launch last week, Destiny 2 has cemented itself right behind Steam’s big three: CSGO, Dota 2, and PUBG, and has far outperformed all the other regulars in the top ten. It’s rare for any game to keep that company on Valve’s platform – rarer still for one to stay there.

Meantime, Bungie’s setting the stage for Destiny’s future. A strange Tower update seems to hint at some bigger changes coming to the hub soon, and it looks like we can continue to expect these little narrative teasers in the future.