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Destiny 2 player count reaches all-time Steam peak on Lightfall launch

The Destiny 2 player count has reached its all-time high on Steam as the Bungie FPS game launches the Lightfall DLC and Destiny 2 Season 20.

Destiny 2 Steam count surges ahead of Lightfall launch date: A woman with pale skin and light hair stares sullenly in the Bungie FPS game Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 player count on Steam reached its record high with more than 316,000 concurrent players as fans of the Bungie FPS game celebrated the Lightfall release date, which introduces a whole-new Destiny 2 DLC and the beginning of Destiny 2 Season 20.

Over the week leading up to the DLC launch, the Destiny 2 player count surged considerably on Steam, with Guardians presumably logging on to get some extra practice, bag vital weapons, and gain some higher Destiny 2 Guardian ranks. On Monday, February 20, the Destiny 2 Steam player count peaked at around 84,000. By Sunday, February 26, it had jumped to 128,692, after steadily rising across the previous six days. And, as of Tuesday, February 28, that number spiked to 316,750, with Lightfall day-one players around the world eager to play through the newest instalment of the game’s ongoing saga of the Light versus the Darkness.

According to figures from SteamDB, Twitch viewership for the free game has also been on the rise. On February 20, 16,354 people were reportedly watching Destiny 2 on Twitch, with 25,538 people following just a day later. And, as of February 28, 153,678 were watching others livestream their gameplay on the Amazon-owned platform.

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Focusing on the battle against disgraced emperor Calus, working on behalf of The Witness, the DLC sends players to the previously-unknown city of Neomuna on Neptune, where Guaridans will encounter entities known as Cloudstriders for the first time. The DLC also promises more challenging content, including an all-new campaign with an option to play on Legendary difficulty, updates to two classic strikes, modifiers called Surges and Threats for high-tier content, and much more.

The Lightfall DLC and Destiny Season 20 will also grant players the opportunity to play through a new Lightfall raid titled The Root of Nightmares, new weekly missions, and several Lightfall exotics. We’ll also get the new Destiny 2 Strand subclass, offering players a new Darkness power which, according to Bungie, will allow Guardians to gain the upper hand in combat by altering space and time.

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