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Destiny 2’s concurrent player count hits 100k for first time in months

Recent content additions to Destiny 2 have skyrocketed its concurrent player count, mainly thanks to the Into the Light content drop.

Destiny 2 Steam player count: Cayde from FPS game Destiny 2 sits in the portal through the Traveler

Being one of the most popular FPS games of the last decade, Destiny 2 has enjoyed a consistent and respectable average player count of roughly 30,000-50,000 in the past year; very impressive considering the game’s Steam release is four years old. That all changed last week, however, with the release of the Into the Light update. Upon release, the game’s concurrent player count spiked massively upwards, hitting its highest concurrent record in eight months.

On April 9, with the release of Into the Light, Destiny 2 hit an incredibly high peak of 134,042 concurrent players, more than double the FPS game’s average concurrent player count. This momentum has lasted for longer than just the update day, too, as the average concurrent player count has remained around 90,000-100,000 at peak times and still stayed strong at around 60,000 during off-peak hours, according to SteamDB.

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The reason for this huge increase is likely just due to the high quality of the Into the Light update, adding a wealth of new content and addressing players’ demands. With the addition of a new PvE game mode in Onslaught, a new social space in the Hall of Champions, three new PvP maps, character re-customisation and the return of the 12 BRAVE weapons that fans sorely missed, Into The Light has convinced many fans to jump back into Destiny 2 and even encouraged some entirely new players to give it a try.

Destiny 2 Steam player count: A graph showing Destiny 2 Steam players

With another huge update, The Final Space, coming in June, Destiny 2 is absolutely on its way to returning to its status as a juggernaut of the FPS scene.

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