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The best Destiny 2 Prismatic builds

With a new D2 subclass comes new, powerful builds. We've got the best builds for Prismatic Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks in The Final Shape.

Best Prismatic builds in Destiny 2

What are the best Destiny 2 Prismatic builds? With the release of The Final Shape we’ve finally got our hands on the powerful Prismatic subclass, and with that comes new build crafting and interesting, fun combinations of all of the subclasses we’ve wielded before now.

If you’re not up to date with Destiny 2, check out our Prismatic subclass guide which explains everything you need to know, including the new Aspects and Fragments you can get your hands on. We’ve also got all of the new The Final Shape Exotics that you can get your hands on in the DLC.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Hunter build screen

Best Destiny 2 Prismatic Hunter build

  • Exotic – Liar’s Handshake
  • Super – Silence and Squall (Stasis)
  • Melee – Combination Blow (Arc)
  • Grenade – Duskfield Grenade (Stasis)
  • Class Ability – Gambler’s Dodge
  • Aspects – Winter’s Shroud (Stasis), Stylish Executioner (Void)
  • Fragments – Facet of Purpose, Facet of Ruin, Facet of Protection, Facet of Dawn, Facet of Courage
  • Armor mods – Dynamo, Hands-On, Heavy Handed, Absolution, Innervation, Reaper, Bomber, Powerful Attraction

The best Prismatic Hunter build utilizes the brand-new super, Storm’s Edge, to increase mobility and give you multiple chances at taking down hordes of enemies. The Combination Blow melee will temporarily increase your melee damage and stacks up to three times upon defeating enemies for a 309% damage increase, making it the highest damaging melee in the game. Yes, even above any punchy Titan you’ve encountered in PvP. In addition, Combination Blow immediately grants Restoration, meaning you can stab away and begin to be healed. Landing a final blow with Combination Blow also fully refills your class ability. Combine that with the class ability of Gambler’s Dodge, which fully refills your melee charge. The two work in tandem to create an infinite damaging loop.

With the Winter’s Shroud Aspect equipped, dodging will slow nearby targets and increase your class ability regeneration rate at the same time, as well as granting you damage resistance. Adding Stylish Executioner to the build, which grants invisibility when defeating enemies affected by any debuff, will make you almost invincible. While invisible, your melee attacks deal an additional 150% extra damage and weakens targets.

The Liar’s Handshake Exotic gauntlets grant 200% bonus melee damage and additional healing. The Facet of Purpose fragment will grant defensive buffs dependent on the Super you’re using. The best Super is Silence and Squall due to the slows that it will apply to enemies, as well as the Frost Armor that Facet of Purpose will provide.

We want to take advantage of survivability, healing, debuffs, and damage when thinking about the additional fragments to use in this build. We’ll first choose the Facet of Ruin which increases the damage and size of shattering enemies. Next we’ll use the Facet of Protection which grants damage resistance while surrounded. Facet of Dawn will make us Radiant when using powered melee hits and synergizes perfectly with this build. Melee final blows will also make your nearby allies radiant. Finally, the Facet of Courage will deal bonus Light damage to Darkness debuffed enemies. That bonus damage does stack with the existing damage boosts.

For Armor mods we’ll want to use Dynamo for reduced Super cooldown combined with Hands-On for bonus Super energy on melee final blows. Add three copies of Heavy Handed to your gauntlets to create orbs of power on melee final blows. Combine these with damage resistance mods on the chest armor. On your boots add a scavenger mod that matches the element of your heavy weapon, slot in Absolution to restore grenade, melee, and class ability energy every time you pick up an orb of power, and Innervation for additional grenade energy when you pick up an orb of power. Finally, on your class item slot in Reaper to generate more orbs of power when you’ve used your class ability, Bomber for bonus grenade energy when dodging, and Powerful Attraction to automatically collect nearby orbs when dodging. Building your stats towards resilience, discipline, and intellect will elevate this build beyond your wildest dreams. Happy punching, Hunter.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock build screen

Best Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock build

  • Exotic – Getaway Artist
  • Super – Song of Flame (Solar)
  • Melee – Arcane Needle (Strand)
  • Grenade – Storm Grenade (Arc)
  • Aspects – Hellion (Solar),
  • Class Ability – Phoenix Dive (Solar)
  • Fragments – Facet of Dominance, Facet of Protection, Facet of Hope, Facet of Balance, Facet of Awakening
  • Armor mods – Strand Siphon, Ashes to Assets, Firepower, Focusing Strike, Incoming damage resistance, Innervation, Invigoration, Absolution, Bomber, Outreach, Reaper

This Warlock build is created to be able to spam grenades, grant huge incoming damage reduction, impressive healing, rapid Super regeneration, and quick to be able to use Transcendence.

Using Getaway Artist in the best Warlock Prismatic build accompanied by Storm grenades will grant Arc souls for healing and a Bleak Watcher turret for slowing, freezing, and damaging enemies. The Storm grenade will unlock after the second mission of The Final Shape’s campaign, so you don’t need to grind for this synergy. This will combine with Feed the Void for Devour meaning the uptime is almost constant.

Phoenix Dive has a quick cooldown time, meaning that accompanied by the right armor mods, you’ll continue to get it back in no time. You’ll want to use the Arcane Needle melee to get the Unravel debuff, to help build the Darkness meter to get Transcendence back quickly. Throw these out from time to time for passive damage. For the grenade we’ve chosen the Storm Grenade for a 20% damage buff, which will also Jolt enemies. The Transcendence grenade will weaken targets with Stasis and Solar, too.

In terms of Aspects, we’re using one of the new ones for the Warlock which is Hellion. Combined with Phoenix Dive this is lethal and adds additional scorch stacks. We don’t need any more slowing or freezing in this build. Hellion pairs well with the Song of Flame Super and adds additional damage. Feed the Void is a no-brainer as it grants grenade energy and Devour for survivability.

The Facet of Dominance will allow Void grenades to weaken and Arc grenades to jolt enemies, stacking up the debuffs against enemies. The Facet of Protection adds incoming damage resistance, and the Facet of Hope regenerates abilities while you have an active buff, so it will always be active. The Facet of Balance will refill our meters from damaging and demolishing enemies. The Facet of Awakening will grant elemental pickups based on the Super you’re using. Build into resilience and recovery.

The Shieldcrush artifact mod will refill our grenade energy even faster, as we’re Amplified or Radiant at all times. Transference will gain increased grenade and melee energy while Transcendent, too. The Galvanic Armor mod is the most important for this build, as our incoming damage from combatants is reduced while Amplified – which is almost constantly.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan build screen

Best Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan build

  • Super – Twilight Arsenal (Void)
  • Melee – Frenzied Blade (Strand)
  • Grenade – Shackle Grenade (Strand)
  • Aspects – Consecration (Solar), Knockout (Arc)
  • Fragments – Facet of Balance, Facet of Dominance, Facet of Purpose, Facet of Ruin, Facet of Grace

Our Frenzied Blade melee will grant us three melee charges for this punchy, aggressive Titan Prismatic build. Accompanied by the new Twilight Arsenal Super, which grants Titans three Void axes to throw to deal huge damage to enemies, which can then be picked up to use as melee weapons by you or your fireteam members, the strength of the Titans is on show here. Combine that with Consecration, which activates your charged melee ability to send a devastating wave of Solar energy forward to damage and scorch enemies in its path, and you can take down almost any enemy shield with this build.

If you’re looking for more Destiny 2 builds, we’ve also got the best Hunter build, best Warlock build, and best Titan build for the other subclasses in individual guides that will be updated for each episode in Destiny 2.