Destiny 2’s next reprised raid has a launch date

Destiny 2’s next reprised raid has a launch date, and Bungie has also shared details on what Guardians can expect from Contest Mode.

Destiny 2’s next reprised raid has a launch date: Gear from the Root of Nightmares raid.

Destiny 2’s next reprised raid officially has a launch date. According to the most recent post in Bungie’s This Week in Destiny blog series, the next raid will go live as part of Destiny 2 season 22 on September 1, 2023. Unfortunately, Bungie has still not shared any details on which reprised raid players can expect in the popular FPS game. However, Bungie did release information on what players could expect from the upcoming raid’s Contest Mode rules.

Upon the raid’s launch, Bungie will enable Contest Mode for 48 hours. To obtain the secret triumph to qualify to win the World’s First raid race, players will have to clear the raid with Contest Mode to access Challenge Mode in the Director, which also grants access to the secret Triumph.

This involves a list of curated challenges to be completed in Challenge Mode. The team that completes those first will earn the World’s First title and a kick-ass victory belt.

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The blog post also notes that teams pursuing Contest Mode completions should be aware that the entire fireteam will wipe should the team fail success conditions in any encounter, which Bungie says is to enforce the Triumph requirements in Challenge Mode. In sum, World’s First contenders or those seeking the Triumph must complete the raid once, and then run though it again, completing the various challenges.

While players are still left guessing which raid will return, most speculation suggests it’s either Wrath of the Machine or Crota’s End, both from the original Destiny and the latter of which some have suggested is too brief to return as a raid. Some speculate that it could even be a reprised Destiny 2 raid, which would most likely be Leviathan, though a developer interview prior to Lightfall’s launch seems to confirm that it would be an original Destiny raid.

While you’re waiting to fill your raid itch, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares guide, which you can grind for its sweet loot pool in the multiplayer game whenever it’s on rotation.