A $20 Destiny 2 character boost lets you bypass a grind that doesn’t exist

Do not be tempted to buy a boost


As always, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep boosts the power cap, but unlike previous expansions, it also boosts the power floor, in an effort to peel off the early-game grind before you can get to the new content. It only takes a handful of hours now to reach the soft cap on progression, which is why it’s even stranger that Bungie is offering a way to pay for a modest character boost.

You can buy a character boost to power level 900 for 2000 silver, which translates to $20 USD. 900 is the new soft cap, which you can reach in practically no time – after dipping my toe into Shadowkeep, I reached around 850 in the space of a few hours, for example. You’re only going to need, say, something like our Shadowkeep leveling guide once you’re trying to reach the higher caps.

What’s even weirder is that you can only buy the boost after you’ve reached 900 with one character. Presumably the idea is to give you a quick way to boost your whole roster, but as PC Gamer notes, it’s even easier to reach 900 with a second (or third) character. In fact, you can just transfer some weapons and grab armour through the collections menu to get there in a handful of minutes.

‘Time-saver’ microtransactions are already weird, but it’s even stranger when there’s no time to save.

How to get Leviathan’s Breath, meanwhile, is a bit of information you can get completely for free. Enjoy.