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Destiny 2’s The Final Shape DLC leaks early, Bungie nukes servers

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape DLC has leaked ahead of time, and was fully playable on PC until Bungie nuked the servers to damage control.

Destiny 2's The Final Shape DLC leaks early, Bungie nukes servers: A silver-haired woman with glowing blue eyes wearing a fur lined coat holds her hand in a wary fist in front of her

Destiny 2 The Final Shape has seemingly leaked in full, with the entire campaign, its seasonal content, and associated raids all dropping ahead of the official launch. As a result, Bungie has killed the game’s servers, although not before players had the chance to grab screenshots and videos of the update’s new content.

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date is just around the corner, and is set to close out the MMORPG‘s Dark and Light saga to make way for something completely new. Ahead of the official launch in five days time, however, Destiny 2’s newest DLC has leaked – and Bungie has been quick to damage control.

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As per a “code red” PSA on the Destiny subreddit, u/Soracaz claims that the entire DLC was playable in the early hours of Thursday, May 30. Allegedly, players could try out the “full campaign, season stuff too,” as well as check out the “raid gear and raid mechanics.” Soracaz also warns that there are “huge story spoilers… like, massive,” and urges players to “get off the internet.”

According to Soracaz, Bungie was quick to react, pulling the Destiny 2 servers on PC to “attempt full damage control.” While some people were apparently still playing the DLC, it’s since become inaccessible. “They’ve been taken offline. Live leaks over, but they have a DUMB amount of content ready to leak vids/pics of.”

Soracaz’s thread has since been locked by the subreddit’s mod team, noting that “due to the extreme nature of this leak, we are hosting a zero-tolerance policy on absolutely any spoilers shared in any capacity on this subreddit.”

A comment on Reddit discussing the Destiny 2 The Final Shape DLC leaks

Bungie has not released a statement at this time, and it’s unclear when the PC servers will go live again. PCGamesN has reached out to Bungie for comment and will update this article if we receive a response. If you really are holding out for release day, though, I’d also suggest muting all things Destiny 2 for a while.

If you do want a window into what to expect, however, check out our Destiny 2 The Final Shape preview. Or, if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied while the servers are down, we have a list of all the best multiplayer games, too.

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