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The Destiny 2 vaulting content issue is like having to “defy gravity”

Bungie clarified the Destiny 2 vaulting content issue in a recent comment on Twitter, saying the choice to shelve any of the FPS game's content is not easy

Destiny 2 vaulting content: A person wearing dark silver armor fires a rifle in midair

The Destiny 2 vaulting content issue is as much a pain for Bungie as it is for players, the FPS game’s director Joe Blackburn said on Twitter. Blackburn was responding to Forbes’ Paul Tassi, who, in turn, quoted a passage from PC Gamer’s Tim Clark and his interview with Bungie following the announcement that Bungie would no longer sunset major content. In the interview, Bungie said the decision to keep or vault content is always a difficult balancing act and will continue to be so.

Changes in the game engine might mean the team doesn’t have to sunset as much content, but not everything can stay. Seasonal content will go – as is the case with most live service games – but some planets may be vaulted in the future as well.

That left Tassi with a bit of confusion about what Bungie’s actual plan was, and Blackburn’s answer is that Bungie doesn’t fully know either and, more importantly, doesn’t want to make empty promises.

“We have no plans/desires to vault content aside from the yearly rotation of seasons,” Blackburn said. “I think what’s important here is that this problem is hard, and can feel like we are asking our team to defy gravity. So we don’t want to make a promise we can’t keep if we hit a dead end.”

As always, the culprit behind these decisions is managing the game’s already hefty file size. Just a sliver of the existing content, including The Witch Queen expansion, is nearly 100GB on PC, and that’s not including Beyond Light and other expansions or the upcoming Lightfall. Such a challenge is inevitable with an asset-heavy live-service game that’s been running for over five years.

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