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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided revealed via leak, coming for PC and current consoles

The in-development sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mankind Divided.

Remember that boring Twitch stream teasing the announcement of a new game from Square Enix? Well, forget about it, because it looks like screenshots just leaked online from the upcoming Deus Ex game from Eidos Montreal, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Hope you like Adam Jensen and guns.

Last I checked, the Square Enix teaser stream depicted a make-believe prisoner being harassed by guards, and then assuming a stress position indefinitely. The thought of checking in on that stream for three days was pretty grim, so I like to think this Eastern European website and eagle-eyed NeoGAF posters did us all a solid by just spoiling the surprise.

The trove of screenshots reveals some serious gun-porn, as well as Deus Ex’s trademark black-and-gold visual motif, though perhaps not quite as dramatically overdone as it was in Human Revolution.

The leaked article indicates that parts of the game will take place in Prague, and that no save data will carry over from the last game, so don’t worry about which ending you picked. That’s good, because I can’t really remember what option I chose. It also sounds like Jensen will get the new upgrades, augmentations, and abilities that you would expect in a sequel.

I’m pretty happy with this bit of news, and I’ll be glad to go adventuring once again with Morose Cyborg Adam Jensen. Human Revolution was justly praised when it came out, but I find myself even more fond of the game when I look back on it after all these intervening years. Jeremy made some good points about the game when he revisited it recently.