Deus Ex: The Fall web domains registered by Square Enix

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

You may have caught the news that Square Enix filed a trademark for the name Human Defiance recently, something that turned out to be the name of the forthcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution film and, sadly, not a new game. If you were disappointed by this, then the news that Square have now registered several web domains under the name “Deus Ex: The Fall,” may perk you up.

The domains registered are .net and .com. Square have yet to make any announcement about what “The Fall” might be, but naturally we’re hoping it will be the next game in the cyberpunk series.

It may also be tied into the forthcoming re-release of Human Revolution, which Eurogamer noticed had been certified by the Australian Ratings board and which may well see the game released on other platforms or re-issued with the Missing Link DLC. Still, such a renaming would seem a strange move and my guess is it’s far more likely it’ll be something entirely new to the series. As soon as we catch it, we’ll let you know exactly what The Fall is.

Thanks, superannuation, the Kotaku columnist.