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A Devil May Cry anime series is coming to Netflix soon

Devil May Cry is getting an anime adaptation on Netflix thanks to Capcom, Studio Mir, and Adi Shankar, the lead producer behind Castlevania's own hit series.

Devil May Cry anime: A man with short white hair and light eyes smiles menacingly

Devil May Cry is a core video game series for many of us, allowing us to experience the forefront of battles against demonic hordes as Dante, a demon hunter looking to avenge his mother’s murder by destroying the evil creatures. If you’ve played through the series yourself, then you also probably agree that Devil May Cry would make an incredible anime. Much like other Japanese classics such as Castlevania, Capcom’s iconic series is getting an anime adaptation and it’s coming soon to Netflix.

That’s right, Devil May Cry is coming to a Netflix-subscribed television near you soon, and it’s made by the dreamiest dream team you could dream up. Capcom, Studio Mir, and Adi Shankar are heading the project together to bring one of the best PC games ever to life as an animated series. Adi Shankar was the lead producer behind Netflix’s beloved Castlevania adaptation, so you know Devil May Cry is in some seriously good hands.

Studio Mir also has an impressive background, working on other banger shows like The Legend of Korra as an animation studio. Neither Capcom nor Netflix have revealed any specific release date for the anime series, but we do know that Devil May Cry is coming to the subscription-based application “soon.” We’ve also got a first look at the show with its official announcement trailer.

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While the trailer doesn’t show us too much of the story just yet, we do see Dante being, well, Dante. He’s sporting his well-known long red coat and dual-wielding his guns just as he does in Capcom’s games. Producer Shankar says that he’s “honored” that both Capcom and Netflix have entrusted him to “shepherd the Devil May Cry franchise,” stating that he’s also “a part of the fandom.”

That’s how you know the writing will stay true to its source content. Personally, I love Castlevania as a video game series and as an anime, so I have no doubts about Devil May Cry as a solid show. A good few years have gone by since the fifth game, and we Dante stans need something new to ravenously consume.

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