Diablo 4 collector’s edition looks stunning, but there’s a huge catch

The Diablo 4 collector's edition is packed to bursting with some gruesome goodies, but it's missing one pretty important thing - the action RPG game itself

Diablo 4 collector's edition looks stunning, but there's a huge catch: A woman in a red gown wearing a golden helmet with horns stands on a black background creating fireballs in her hands looking off to the left

The Diablo 4 collector’s edition box is a must have for avid fans of Blizzard’s macabre action RPG games, but there’s one pretty substantial thing missing from the rather costly bundle.

If you head over to the Blizzard gear store (you cannot buy the collector’s box on Battle.net) you’re greeted with a stunning black box that recreates some of the most iconic Diablo 4 key art.

As you peel open the gates of hell you’ll receive a swathe of limited edition items, including a fabric map of Sanctuary, mousepad, pin, art book, as well as two art prints. The star of the show, however, is the ominously flickering Candle of Creation, which features Lilith and Inarius in all their metallic glory.

A black box with angels and demons fighting across an opening door that leads to hell on a white background

What it doesn’t include, though, is the game itself. Yes, seriously. As stated in the item’s description, there is “no game included,” with a prompt to purchase the game on the official Diablo website. That’ll be why it’s ‘collector’s box’ instead of ‘collector’s edition’ then, eh?

If you were to pick up the collector’s box and the game itself, you’d be looking at a price point of $ 166.65 / £156.65 – and that’s for the base game, with limited in-game rewards. I don’t know about you, but my bank balance just went ‘yelp!’ If not, though, you can buy it here.

Of course, I’ll probably still pick it up, but I do think it would have been a lot easier to simply create a traditional collector’s edition of the game. Of course, I’m not ignorant and understand that pre-orders and collectible items are a huge source of income for developers, but this one raises a little bit of an eyebrow.

Despite this confusing turn of affairs I can’t deny that Diablo 4 certainly has me excited, as I enthused in my Diablo 4 gameplay preview. If you’ve already picked up a pre-order of the game, be sure to check out our rundown of the Diablo 4 classes to get a head start – but beware, the devs have hinted that more classes may join the fray in future.