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Diablo 4 price is so high, you’re gonna cry

The Diablo 4 price is really high, and though the problem isn't unique to this game, it's part of a worrying trend, so you may want to find some Diablo 4 deals.

Diablo 4 character crying because the game they're in costs so much.

Diablo 4 prices currently sit between $69.99 (£59.99) and $99.99 (£89.99) and that’s a bit much. Yes, we’re excited about the game and have been writing about the different Diablo 4 classes, and ranking the best Diablo 4 builds, but gosh, this high price puts a dampener on things.

Diablo 4 is fantastic – heck, in our Diablo 4 review we gave it a 10/10. But its high price tag reflects a worrying trend. Many of today’s gamers got into the medium when they were kids, but how many of today’s kids are going to be able to fork out almost $100 when a new game comes out? Times are hard, and games are slowly becoming a luxury item. The Diablo 4 cosmetics push the prices even higher too.

Obviously, we know that Diablo 4’s target audience isn’t primarily designed with kids in mind (it has the highest age rating), but how many of us played higher age-rated games when we were teenagers? A lot of us. Maybe we’re just being worrisome, but in the long run, with prices growing and growing, will there be a generation who don’t become endeared to the genre because it was always something they couldn’t afford?

Diablo 4 deals

Coming back to Diablo 4 in particular, if you want to find the game at a discount, we’ll list any deals here on this page as and when they pop up. There’s nothing yet, but, hey, we’ll be the first ones shouting about it if we hear anything. You can also check the Diablo 4 console prices on Amazon because their physical editions might increase the chances of their getting a reduction (if you also happen to be a console gamer).

If you’re a PC gamer who knows they’re not going to be able to fit Diablo 4 in their budget anytime soon, why not read our guide on the best games like Diablo for some more affordable recommendations? Meanwhile, you might also want to think about picking up some of the earlier games in the series, if you need a way to scratch that specific itch. They’re pretty cheap if you get them pre-owned.

If you want to find out more about this game before it comes out, read our Diablo 4 tips and tricks guide. It could be a valuable reference point if it’s your first time with the series.