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Diablo Immortal fans unhappy with Shadow War bug compensation

Diablo Immortal players have received compensation following the bug that affected the PvP Shadow War servers, but many are unhappy with Blizzard’s offering

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Diablo Immortal players are unhappy with the compensation issued by Blizzard following a bug that affected the Shadow War PvP servers.

The bug meant that players who won their battles in the Shadow War were not placed in the Rite of Exile bracket, preventing them from fighting against the server’s top clan, the Immortals. It mostly affected players in the Europe, Asia, and Oceania regions, and now Blizzard has issued remuneration in the form of in-game items, but some players remain unsatisfied.

Blizzard has sent compensation directly to players in-game, but it seems to vary from individual to individual. One reparation package, posted on Reddit, shows 12 aspirant’s keys for use in the Iben Fahd Sanctum, a variety of gems, and a single legendary crest for the Elden Rift. Other players, however, say they have not been so fortunate.

Shadow War compensation is here. from DiabloImmortal

“I got gems and keys. No crest, nor chest. Strange,” writes one Redditor, LordVulpius.

“I did not get this,” writes another Reddit user, Meliondor. “Just got one with a crappy legendary box and 400 Hilts. Outrageous!”

Even the player who received the legendary crest, 1QUrsu, expresses dissatisfaction with Blizzard’s offering. “I’m speechless, they write. “That’s like 2€ compensation for a week’s worth of fighting and farming and improving in order to get shafted by this bug.”

There’s also a lack of clarity in terms of what items are offered to which players, with some saying that they did not receive a legendary crest, while others claim that they have received one despite not participating in the Shadow War during the time that it was affected by the bug.

Players also observed a typing error in the compensation message apparently sent to 1QUrsu, which says “There was an issue with that prevented Shadow War from operating as intended last week last week [sic]”.

“They didn’t even proof read their ‘apology'”, commented one user, Foray 2×1.

PCGamesN has contacted Activision-Blizzard for confirmation on how the compensation packages vary from player to player, and will update this story with any further information.