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Diablo Immortal Shadow War bug affects “majority of servers”

A game-breaking Diablo Immortal Shadow War bug is causing player clans to miss out on the Rite of Exile in the RPG game, affects “a good majority of servers”

Diablo Immortal battle pass bug

A Diablo Immortal Shadow War bug described as “game-breaking” is affecting some of the RPG game’s top player guilds, causing them to miss out on the chance to take on Immortals in the Rite of Exile. A Blizzard community lead has acknowledged the issue, saying that it “appears to have impacted a good majority of servers” where Shadow Wars have been active across Asia, EU, and Oceania. Blizzard says that a hotfix was deployed prior to the event taking place on the free-to-play game’s North American and South American servers.

The issue was first raised by several threads on the Diablo Immortal subreddit claiming that players who had won their group bracket in the Shadow War were not being placed into the top ten Dark Clans list on their server. This is the ranking which determines the ten groups who will take place in the Rite of Exile to take on the server’s highest-ranked Immortals for a chance to replace them as the new ruling clan of the server.

According to several player reports in the threads, it appears that both teams in the finals were either rematched against a clan they had already beaten in the bracket earlier in the week, or appeared to go up against a no-show opponent, only to be told they had lost as the other clan had also “won” their respective match (which also didn’t take place against the correct intended opponent).

However the process appeared to players, the result is clear – clans weren’t being put into the appropriate matches, and some are missing out on the opportunity to join the Rite of Exile despite showing up to all their matches and appearing to come out victorious on their end. Blizzard community lead PezRadar responded, saying that the team was looking into the issue. They then confirmed that this has impacted many servers across the Asia, EU, and Oceania regions where Shadow Wars have been taking place.

PezRadar then posted an official statement confirming the issue, along with a list of affected servers. As a result, the Rite of Exile for this week has been delayed on those servers, with compensation being planned for affected players. PezRadar states that “to prevent this issue from replicating itself on other regional servers, Blizzard deployed a hotfix today for players on North American and South American servers.”

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