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Diablo Immortal players just want to pet a dog

Among all the discussions about events and microtransactions in Blizzard’s latest RPG game, some Diablo Immortal players have a simpler request: to pet a dog

Diablo Immortal players just want to pet a dog - a monk stands in front of a tattered-looking dog in Westmarch

Much of the recent discussion around Diablo Immortal has focused on the RPG game’s microtransactions, events schedule, and the newly-added class change feature. However, some Diablo Immortal players have a much simpler request to implement one feature that is glaringly absent from the multiplayer game: the ability to pet a dog.

Petting animals in games is big business nowadays, and many developers have implemented the ability to show some love to their game’s furry friends in an attempt to capitalise on the trend. Now, a thread on the Diablo Immortal subreddit has asked the development team at Blizzard to “let us pet the dog!”

The dog in question can be found to one side of Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch, the game’s main hub town. Located just next to market vendor Dya, the faithful mutt mostly just lounges around on the ground – though you can catch them standing up from time to time as you wander about town getting your business done.

Sadly, however, there is no way to interact with the dog. All you can do is stand helplessly in front of it, wishing fruitlessly for a ‘pet’ prompt to appear. The poor pup appears to have had a bit of a rough time of things, too, as it has some bare patches on its torso and hind leg. We’d love to give it a bit of TLC.

The Diablo Immortal Twitter account, however, has even gone so far as to tease players with their inability to interact with another dog, which can be found in the Westmarch bar. That particular pup appears to be having a much better time of things, at least.

Of course, a few players couldn’t resist chipping in with some cheeky jibes at the game’s systems. One quips that petting the dog is only “available while in a warband party of four,” referencing the game’s insistence on multiplayer groups for certain activities and rewards. Another jokes that it would require a “$15 monthly fee” for users to interact with the pooch.

Others have another pressing animal-related issue. Reddit user appcat says, “We need a quest to find Greta’s cat. I am so worried.” Players have been wondering about the kitten’s location since the game launched, concerned by the NPC’s desperate cries for help in her search.

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