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How to change class in Diablo Immortal

With the new Diablo Immortal change class mechanic, you can now play as a different character and avoid having to complete the campaign multiple times

Diablo Immortal change class: a Necromancer with bone armour, holding blue flames in her right hand. Several undead minions are behind her.

Want to know how the Diablo Immortal change class system works? Before Activision Blizzard introduced this new feature, players had to complete the RPG game with multiple character slots if they wanted to experiment with all available classes. This involved repeating the same dungeons just to get to the endgame and participate in the Diablo Immortal Shadow War events. In previous Diablo games, you had a stash to swap exclusive gear, which only eliminates part of this tedious problem.

However, with the new Diablo Immortal change class system, you only need one character on the go rather than a full roster. Not only do you keep your progress, but the first time that character transforms, they get equivalent gear. This substantially cuts the time needed to complete the game, leaving your newly altered adventurer free to delve into endgame dungeons.

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Diablo Immortal class change conditions

You can only change class in Diablo Immortal if your character is level 35, and you haven’t gone through the class change process within the last seven days. The one exception is if you are reverting to your previous class, but you can’t change back again for free if you do this.

To change your class, head to Selynne’s Basilica in Westmarch and go to the pyre in one of the two alcoves. The Shifting Flames give you two options: Overview and Class Change. Check out the Overview before switching class to go through all of the class change rules, requirements, and details. The Class Change button takes you to the class selection screen to try something new. You can also use the Shifting Flames to alter your appearance. Once you have confirmed your selection, you get a prompt showing all the cosmetics bound to your previous class.

When you change to each of the six Diablo Immortal classes for the first time with your character, you can alter their appearance and get a complete reset of the Paragon trees. You also obtain some placeholder gear, such as Diablo Immortal set items, of an equivalent rank to the equipment you had equipped while you changed classes.

While all of your clan, Warband, and other social group affiliations carry over, it’s impossible to do the same for some class-specific cosmetics or gear. All the items that don’t carry over are placed in your inventory, while cosmetic items for specific classes are saved for when you return to it.

And that’s it! No, really, that is how you change class in Diablo Immortal. It’s as simple as interacting with a particular torch in the first region of the game. If only everything were as simple as this, though. We recommend frequently consulting the Diablo Immortal tier list for the best class. In addition, you’ll likely need to use one of the best Diablo Immortal builds to stand a chance in PvP or the many Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs. You should also pick up some new Diablo Immortal legendary gems to fully kit yourself.