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Diablo Immortal update adds its “rarest and strongest” items yet

Diablo Immortal update 2.3 introduces Eternal Equipment, the rarest and strongest items to arrive in the Blizzard RPG for PC and mobile.

Diablo Immortal update 2.3 introduces Eternal Equipment - A thick-jawed man clenches his teeth as he holds up a shield.

As Blizzard unveils its big Diablo 4 Season 4 overhaul, the developer’s free to play game also has plenty of new features coming its way. Diablo Immortal update 2.3 is the latest addition to the crossover mobile and PC game. It introduces a new tier of gear, Eternal Equipment, found through a trio of new activities and promising to offer some of the strongest options we’ve seen in the free RPG to date.

This latest Diablo Immortal patch precedes the promised arrival of a new class in the game’s 2024 roadmap, which is set to arrive soon. Despite the Diablo 4 launch, Blizzard is still hard at work updating the free PC game that it launched a year prior, with a two-part worldstone quest, dungeon updates, Helliquary bosses, and a new co-op mode all planned for later this year.

Key to the update is new Diablo Immortal Eternal Equipment – now the “rarest and strongest” item type found in Sanctuary. These can only drop from three new activities, described below, and contain a total of three attributes and four magic affixes, two of which will come from a new pool of special class-specific affixes.

Diablo Immortal 2024 roadmap - Graphic showing everything planned for the Age of Unmaking.

Terror Rifts are interdimensional portals that will pop up at certain zones across the map each day. Find one and jump inside, and you’ll be faced with hordes of dangerous monsters that drop Stygian Fragments when defeated. Collect 200 and sacrifice them at a Stygian Spire and you’ll face an especially tough foe in a one-on-one showdown, which rewards you with a chest for coming out victorious.

You can repeat this process multiple times to earn more plentiful rewards, up to a weekly limit of ten times. Terror Rifts begin at Inferno Difficulty I and can be run either solo or with a group, and they’ll also give you the chance to earn Eternal Equipment from each of the chests that drop. You’ll also gain Terror Essence, which can be used for two additional activities: Oblivion Pillars and Hellslayer Bounties.

Bring Terror Essence to an Oblivion Pillar, found near to the locations Terror Rifts spawn, and you’ll be tasked with holding out against waves of supercharged monsters from the region you’re in, or on rare occasions a crown of gold-crazed goblins. Survive until the end for a chance to get your hands on rare Eternal Equipment and more.

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Hellslayer Bounties, meanwhile, may be claimed by combining your active bounties at a bounty board using one Terror Essence. This will send you to the location of a Hellslayer Bounty portal, where you’ll have to take on a series of hordes – although these should prove slightly more forgiving than those of the Oblivion Pillars. Come out victorious and you’ll get credit for all four normal bounties and a chest with the ability to drop Eternal Equipment.

“We’re incredibly happy with both the amount of content we’ve been able to provide our players with and their level of engagement,” executive producer Peiwen Yao tells PCGamesN. As for the new items, lead content designer Scott Burgess adds, “We want our players to have plenty of options to live out their unique class fantasies in Diablo Immortal – we always factor in how additional items, skills, etc. can complement existing ones, not replace them (and the work players put in to find and improve them).”

There’s certainly no shortage of features to keep you busy in Diablo Immortal patch 2.3, then – so if you’re still getting your loot fix on PC or mobile there’s a lot of reasons to check back in for this new update.

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