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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls’ 148-page heaven-sent companion book descends


I can’t promise that anything you’ll learn about archangel-turned-mortal Tyrael in his newly published autobiography will prove tangibly useful. Maybe he’ll wistfully recall a weapon locked away in an obscure chest in Westmarch with, and I speculatively quote, “an unusually high DPS”. Or perhaps he’ll spare a passing thought for the hush-hush weak spot of Reaper of Souls villain Malthael – information he’d failed to disclose to any of his fellow human-advocates for fear of “spoiling the fun”.

I cannot know this. But at the very least, you’ll read all about “never-before-known secrets about the history of the world [and] the dark threats that yet face mankind”. Which if Blizzard deliver, is knowledge worth at least £17.88.

The hardback book is now available for immediate purchase from Amazon UK or its US equivalent for the aforementioned £17.88 / $29.24.

Tyrael’s writings cover his decision to join the ranks of humanity as a mortal at length. And after that, he “weaves together a series of complex and fascinating stories for future generations”, knitting together letters from Leah and lost bits of Cain’s prose.

The book promises to track events from the first Diablo right through to our current point in the series timeline, and offers insight on Reaper of Souls’ new city of Westmarch and the expansion’s Crusader class. The whole thing’s thoroughly illustrated, and should make a nice addition to any spiritually-lacking coffee table.

Have you ever indulged in any of Diablo’s extra-curricular literature? What it’s like?

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