Diablo III login bug causes hardcore massacre: players left naked and helpless

You have died. Because you had no clothes on. Obviously.

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You know that dream everyone has when they wake up in Sanctuary with no clothes on, surrounded by laughing cacodemons? Unlucky Diablo III players logged into the game last night to find their items, armour and weapons had disappeared.

Most found that the nightmare was over after a couple of repeated login attempts – but others were playing in Hardcore, Diablo’s permadeath mode. Cue screams.

Blizzard normally enact a blanket no-rollback policy – but have said they’ll consider restoring ignobly killed characters on a case by case basis, just this once.

“For accounts which were specifically impacted by this issue, our Support team is investigating the possibility of providing a special one-time exception to allow for a rollback of the account, and subsequent restoration of the fallen heroes,” write Blizzard.

“Please know that the decision to allow such an exception is not an easy one to make, and that this is not a guarantee that we will offer the rollback to all accounts that petition us with this request.”

Affected players can create a support ticket entitled ‘MISSING GEAR DEATH’ – though only accounts Blizzard can verify were hit by the bug will be eligible for a rollback.

“With that said, we do want you to know that we are continuing to address this issue, and ask for all players to be aware that the issue is currently ongoing,” say Blizzard. “Your deeds of valor will be remembered.”

That’ll be small comfort to Vloox and friends, I fear. Have any of you lot rolled hardcare characters in the wake of Diablo III’s 2.0 patch?