Get the skinny on Diablo 3’s 2.0.1 update

Diablo 3 2.0.1 video

Diablo 3’s patch 2.0.1 launched a wee while ago, getting everyone ready for Reaper of Souls while overhauling a lot of the core game. To get you up to speed with the massive, game-changing update, Blizzard Community Manager Lylirra breaks down the patch in a new video. She covers Loot 2.0, the Paragon system, the new difficulty tiers and the game’s new social features.

In Loot 2.0, all new items that drop have stats split into primary (directly impacting DPS, toughness and life values) and secondary (more focused on utility and don’t directly impact the power of your hero, like pick up radius).

The smart loot system means that drops have a chance to be a smart drop, taking into account your class and stats making them more relevant to your character. While playing my new Witch Doctor, a significant number of loot drops have been relevant to my hero. Getting new items has become considerably more exciting knowing that there’s a good chance I’ll be able to use it.

As well as the stat split and smart look system, items have new affixes, narrower stat ranges (on average items should be much more powerful), and legendary – which have been tweaked – and set items are now BOA.

The new Paragon system sees the level cap removed, and levels can now be shared across all characters. Though it’s still split up between normal and hardcore heroes. The rewards for gaining levels have been changed, as well. Now, when you level up, you get a point to spend in four categories: core, offense, defense and utility. This is meant to provide more character customisation and promote broader build options

Tiered difficulty progression has been removed. The linear difficulty system, with you going through each setting to unlock the next, has been swapped for dynamic difficulty where monsters level up alongside the hero. 10 new difficulty settings have been added, replacing monster power setting. The toughest settings, Master and Torment, unlock as you progress through the campaign, unlocking it for all heroes on the account.

We’ve already broken down Clans and Communities, but here’s a quick primer: Clans are small, social and invitation only. The Clan UI allows you to share information, chat privately and look at profiles and legendary drops. Communities are designed to bring players together for any reason, they can be private or public and can have any number of players

On top of all this, the patch adds cursed shrines and chest, starting special events. Last night I came across one that tasked me with dispatching waves of skeletons, and the more waves I defeated before the timer ran out, the greater my reward. New Pools of Reflection grant a buff to experience gain, only running out when you reach a set amount of experience. Champions and elites can spawn with new affixes. And, of course, all classes have been revamped.

Have you played since the update? How are you finding the changes?