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You can finally get the best Blizzard games with ease, for only $10

Blizzard has finally added Diablo, Warcraft, and Warcraft 2 to Battle.net, so you can finally play the games that spawned Diablo 4 and WoW.

You can finally get the best Blizzard games with ease, for only $10: A huge red demon creature summons fire in its hands, roaring at the camera

The year is 1996 – a pretty good year, because that’s when I was born. Darkness has fallen over the small, innocent hamlet of Tristram. Evil stirs beneath the cathedral; the Lord of Terror has awoken. This is Diablo, the game that spawned three sequels, a spinoff, and, of course, my beloved Lilith. In another fantastical plane, however, orcs and humans have come to blows in Warcraft and Warcraft 2, setting the stage for the titanic World of Warcraft. However, it’s been pretty hard to get hold of these iconic classics – until now.

Previously, if you wanted to play Diablo, Warcraft, or Warcraft 2 you’d have to go via CD Projekt’s dedicated gaming store, GOG. Now, however, you can pick up some of the best PC games ever made via Blizzard’s own Battle.net – a long-awaited, much-needed change.

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To celebrate both the launch of Diablo 4 last year, as well as Warcraft’s 30th anniversary (yes, it’s pretty wild), all three games are now available on Blizzard’s storefront for varying prices, all of which are below $10.

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans comes in slightly cheaper at $5.99 / £4.99 , but Warcraft 2 and Diablo are both  $9.99 / £8.99. Given they are just so good, though, I’d recommend picking them all up (or even just Diablo, I swear it’s worth it). Diablo and Warcraft 2 both include the Hellfire and Beyond the Dark Portal expansions, too, meaning you’re getting the full experience.

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As someone who lives and breathes both Diablo and WoW, I’d argue that, to truly understand both games, you need to give these classics a shot. I started my Sanctuary saga with Diablo 3, and while it was playable without any prior knowledge, going back and playing Diablo 1 added a little extra sparkle to my next Diablo 3 playthrough.

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