Diary of the Dead: Dark Souls Deaths counts your many failures

Dark Souls Deaths

With Dark Souls 2 looming, due out April 25th, perhaps it’s a good time to reflect over your failures in its predecessor; all those untimely deaths at the boney hands of the undead or huge claws of a dragon. 

Fan-made Dark Souls Deaths has you covered. Simply upload your Dark Souls save file to the site, and voila, it will tell you just how absolutely terrible you are. 

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I confess that it’s a feature I never wanted in the game itself, despite the statistics undoubtedly being interesting. I’d rather revel in my few successes than my many failures. But now that I’m done with it (though I never finished it), and I’m just waiting for the sequel, I can probably stomach seeing just how rubbish I actually was.

The data collected has also been presented in a series of charts, detailing the average deaths, completion rate and a number of other stats based on the saves already uploaded.

645 is the average number of times players have died per playthrough, and only around 70 percent of players have completed the game once, with only 20 percent completing New Game +.

Perhaps this will inspire me to up my game come April 25th, though it is very, very unlikely.

Cheers, VG24/7.