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Promising new dice-based roguelike gets expanded free demo

New roguelike dungeon crawling strategy game Dice and Fold launches an expanded demo free on Steam with over 40 new items to discover.

Promising roguelike Dice and Fold gets expanded demo, playable free on Steam - A smiling woman with red hair.

I’m as much a sucker for a roll of the dice as I am for the best roguelike games, so the upcoming strategy game Dice and Fold is one I’ve been watching with interest. Following in the footsteps of Dicey Dungeons and Die in the Dungeon, this latest dice-based dungeon crawler sees you rolling to put an end to a seemingly non-stop stream of enemies. If that’s got you curious to give it a try, developer Tinymice Entertainment has just released a big update to the game’s demo, with over 40 items to discover, and you can try it now for free on Steam.

Dice and Fold is as simple as the name suggests. Pick a character and adventure through dungeons, taking on battles against a wide range of enemies, stopping off at shops to spend the gold you’ve gathered on useful items and upgrades, and even hiring other adventurers to join you on your journey. With 20 characters to choose from, each bringing a different trick to the battlefield, and a wealth of items and companions to find, every run of this roguelike game should feel different from the last.

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The core loop of a fight revolves around rolling dice each turn and choosing how best to use them. Enemies might require a certain total number to be reached to ‘fold’ them and remove them from the battle, or they may demand something more specific like an even-numbered roll. You can also place dice onto your hero to unlock their signature ability; this might roll extra dice, auto-complete a slot of your choice, or alter the requirements demanded to beat your current foes, for example.

Find a companion, and they can join you, adding more dice to your base roll along with their own unique ability, with an additional roster of support characters separate from the base class options further enhancing the combinations at your disposal. You’ll also be able to gather and buy equipment, and can even slot any unwanted dice into a gold-generating space that pays out once you’ve accumulated one of each face.

You’ll also encounter other dice colors that can be used for specific bonuses along with the normal uses – red dice, for example, can be dropped onto your heroes’ health total to heal them by that amount, while blue dice can always be used to activate your characters’ abilities even if their number doesn’t match the normal requirement.

Dice and Fold demo - The player lines up dice to match the enemies facing them.

Dice and Fold is set to launch in the second quarter of 2024, with a free demo available to try right now on Steam. Along with a hefty bundle of new and updated items to discover, the expanded demo now features four playable characters to try, along with a fifth that’s unlocked if you add it to your wishlist. It’s also been given a balance pass, along with some bug fixes and improvements, so it’s worth checking back in if you’ve already given it a shot previously.

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