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How to get Guilmon in Digimon Survive

Learn how to unlock the Digimon Survive Guilmon digital month one edition bonus and what the powerful HP support item does to help your team live

Digimon Survive Guilmon - a blurred background image of the game with a render of Guilmon in front of it. Guilmon is a red bipedal dinosaur with tribal markings, big ears, and bigger claws.

Want to know how to unlock the Digimon Survive Guilmon month one bonus? There’s a free bonus Digimon up for grabs, and all you have to do is play the turn-based RPG game before the end of the month. Guilmon is one of many colourful monsters from the Digimon Survive list you can have on your team, and it has a range of powerful attacks and Digimon Survive evolutions to offer.

You have until August 29 to get the Digimon Survive Guilmon bonus, so you need to be quick. After finishing the equipment tutorial, enter the pause menu and push the button as shown in the bottom right to redeem the bonus. Not only does Guilmon join your team, but you also receive the Beloved Crystal – D item that you can give to any monster. This item grants the equipped Digimon free health recovery per turn and Battle Backup+, both are potent effects in the early game.

Your Guilmon starts at level 1 and has a decent Special Attack stat; it’s similar to Agumon in many ways. However, Guilmon is more of a ranged attacker thanks to its Fireball and the passive skill Glimpse of Rage, which raises damage dealt by fire attacks by one rank. The other big difference between Agumon is that Guilmon has more fire, wind, and darkness resistances.

So far, we have not found any way to recruit this monster except by redeeming the Digimon Survive Guilmon month one bonus. However, if we find this exclusive creature elsewhere, we’ll update this article with locations and steps you need to take to nab one for your party. In the meantime, plenty of other JRPG games and visual novel games are available on PC, so check them out once you finish Digimon Survive.