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Dimension Drive Kickstarter successful after a “twisted succession of events”

Dimension Drive

Drive is definitely the word for what 2Awesome Studio have displayed over the last month. The Dutch developers saw one exhausting Kickstarter campaign through to the end in early May – only for a last minute $7,000 donation to prove fraudulent, abruptly ending their celebrations.

With encouragement from Kickstarter, they went through the whole thing again: launching a second crowdfunding push for their oddball shoot-’em-up. And buoyed by the support and sympathy of fellow indies, they’ve barreled past their new target.

“In a twisted succession of events, a fraudulent pledge made by someone called ‘Jonathan’ ruined our last campaign,” wrote 2Awesome. “And tonight while we were sleeping another Jonathan, 13 year old developer of Galagan’s Island and his recently created studio, Skinny Jean Death Studios, is making us reach the funding goal!”

The missive shortly thereafter descended into a succession of party gifs sourced from Fresh Prince, Despicable Me and Anchorman.

2Awesome’s original failure last month was so galling that it generated huge volumes of publicity and goodwill – and that’s carried Dimension Drive far further than it might have travelled otherwise.

Had Jonathan’s donation been legit, the game would have benefitted from a €30,481 budget boost. As it stands, 2Awesome will instead take €33,672 – and they’ve 12 days and a two-player-mode stretch goal to go yet.

Dimension Drive’s unique dual-screen conceit finds the player’s ship shifting between two separate levels. It deserves to live. Do you think you’ll play it?