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Ultra stylish Steam FPS gets massive update, on sale for $4

Ultra stylish and colorful movement FPS Dimensional Slaughter just had a massive free update on Steam, and it's on sale for $4 as well.

Dimensional Slaughter Steam sale update: a man in black armor with red lights on it stood in front of big purple flames

It’s not often that a game just slaps you in the face with its sounds, style, and speed, but this is exactly what the trailer for Dimensional Slaughter’s new update did to me today. The fast-paced roguelike FPS looks stunning, and it’s just had a massive update alongside a Steam sale that makes the already cheap game cheaper.

Dimensional Slaughter is incredibly fluid and fast, and it’s got an absolutely stellar soundtrack too. I love a good movement FPS game and will champion them for the rest of time, and this is one of them.

On top of all the shooting, there are also parkour challenges and plenty of extra abilities like stomps and wall kicks, with everything coming together in this disgusting dance of crunchy hypercolor visuals and blood. Oh, it’s also in a Steam sale too.

On top of that, the new Inbetween update adds a whole new dimension, a checkpoint midway through the game, a new weapon, enemies, upgrades, double jumps, slo-mo, and a series of improvements across the game’s physics, enemy AI, UI, and more. The cliff notes being that an already gorgeous and chaotic movement shooter just got even better.

The mind-bogglingly bright and fast gameplay trailer for Dimensional Slaughter’s The Inbetween update can be seen below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Dimensional Slaughter is even in Steam Early Access, so there are more dimensions, enemies, weapons, and more to come. There’s a demo if you want to try out the game before taking it for a proper spin, too.

You’ll find Dimensional Slaughter on Steam right now, with the update sale netting you 25% off until Saturday, February 3. Expect to pay $4.49 / £3.74 until then.

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