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New Steam RTS is Stronghold and Age of Empires with dinosaurs

Coming from Deep Rock Galactic publisher Ghost Ship, Dinolords it what happens when a medieval RTS game also gets a touch prehistoric.

Dinlords Steam: a medieval knight riding a velociraptor holding up a sword

Dinolords proves once again that the age-old adage of ‘everything is better with a dinosaur’ is absolutely true. If you like RTS and 4X games like Civilization 6, Age of Empires, Crusader Kings, and even the upcoming Steam darling Manor Lords, but felt they were all lacking in a little something extra and that something extra is dinosaurs  – then Dinolords is what you need.

From Deep Rock Galactic’s publisher Ghost Ship Games, Dinolords is an RTS game that takes place in an alternate history where the King of Denmark used dinosaur power to invade England. You’ll take on the role of a defending English lord, and you’ll have to tame your own dinos like they’re an Arrakis sandworm in order to fight back.

Opening the new Triple-I indie showcase trailer on the line “We didn’t think the Viking raids could get any worse” before showing an armored T-Rex absolutely decimate an entire army is certainly a choice, and one I can get behind at that. Check it out below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Like its Age of Empires, Crusader Kings, and Civilization counterparts Dinolords is all about amassing resources, building settlements, fortifying yourself, and commanding units – except those units are dinosaurs. Sometimes all you need is a solid strategy game that also has dinosaurs really, because let’s be honest, dinosaurs make everything infinitely cooler.

You can wishlist Dinolords on Steam right now, with the game set to come out in early access sometime in 2025.

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