Dirty Bomb gets a new merc: the moustachioed, turret-loving Bushwhacker

Dirty Bomb beta update

The post-apocalyptic streets of Dirty Bomb’s near-future London have just gotten a bit busier. A new beta update has slapped a bunch of new features and fixes onto the F2P shooter, including moustachioed Texan merc, Bushwhacker. This chap’s all about turrets, and you can see him in action in the trailer below. 

According to Splash Damage, one of the most requested features in beta has been tools that make it easier to get together and play with buds. To make it easier to team up with chums, there are now two new ways to team up.

You can now join a friend’s game – if it has open slots – through your Steam friends list. Just hit the join button next to their name. And if you want to fill a match you’re already playing, you can select invite in the friends list instead.

Loadout management has been tweaked, too. Before the update, players could only fiddle with their loadouts in the pre-match lobby, but now they can customise the loadouts for their squad from a main menu tab.

Here’s what Steve thought of the Dirty Bomb closed beta:

“I like Dirty Bomb, with its airstrikes and wall-jumps and its bizarro London setting and its wipe-clean-clinic meets cobble-and-brickwork aesthetic. It looks and feels good. It would probably smell good, if polygons had smells. But that smell-less backdrop and the poisoned metropolis in which the game is set play second fiddle to a sharp, precise and finely tuned mouse-and-keyboard shooter, an FPS that wants to rub elbows with giants like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress. One of those shooters that people get really good at in a way that makes it impenetrable for idiots who are bad at games like me.”