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Discord update adds new Nitro perks to celebrate or annoy your friends

The April Discord update is here, bringing four new perks for Discord Nitro subscribers including coloured themes, super reactions, and a soundboard tool.

Discord update - a pink rabbit and cyan frog stand before a blue and purple Discord interface

The April Discord update has arrived, and the chat service is adding four new Discord Nitro perks that subscribers to its premium service will get access to. These include new coloured themes to customise your Discord app, animated ‘super reactions’ to emphasise just how much you liked that meme, a soundboard tool to amuse or troll your pals in the midst of multiplayer games, and limited-time avatar decorations for a bit more flair on your profile.

The Discord soundboard tool gives you the perfect way to wind up your friends when in a Discord voice call. There are a selection of default sounds including all the classics, such as a sad trumpet, a gentle golf clap, the iconic ‘ba-dum-tss’ drum roll to help sell all your terrible jokes, and – of course – an airhorn to celebrate your incredible pentakill you just scored in League of Legends.

Server moderators can also upload custom sounds to their own server’s soundpack, which can be used by community members during voice calls. As a Nitro subscriber, you’ll also have the option to utilise these soundpacks across servers, opening up plenty of potential for chaos. Bring your favourite audio memes to chat, pretend your absent friend is actually there with you, or simply play the discord notification sound over and over again to wind up everyone – the choice is up to you.

Discord super reactions are a new, hypercharged way to let people know that you really liked a specific post. Accessed from a separate tab on the reactions page, super reactions have a unique frame and an animated appearance that goes beyond even the standard animated emoji. You’ll know it really matters, too, because Nitro subscribers get just five super reactions per week to spread out as they choose.

Nitro Basic and Nitro Classic subscribers will also be able to get in on the action, with two super reactions per week. In addition to this, everyone will get an initial opportunity to try out the new feature with access to two super reactions out the gate to try out how they look and see whether it’s the feature that pushes you into wanting more.

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Five additional Discord themes are joining the roster of customisable looks for Discord Nitro subscribers who prefer something a little more colourful than the default grey and white look. These are Retro Storm, Strawberry Lemonade, Aurora, Sepia, and Neon Nights.

There are also a range of Discord avatar decorations that Nitro subs can use to spruce up their profile icon – think of these much like the frames you get on something such as your Steam profile icon. There are a range of different themes, including flowers, mushrooms, frogs, puppies, and more to choose from. You’ll only have until May 10 to do so, however, as this is a limited-time feature for now.

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