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Dishonored 2’s creative kill shorts are the gifs that keep on shivving

Dishonored 2 Emily combat

We’ve already been shown how Arkane built Karnaca, Dishonored 2’s new, sunny setting. We’ve also taken a peek behind the creation of the game’s cast. Now it’s time to get to the meat, by blowing people into bloody chunks in some creative kill gifs, of course.

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One of the best things about the Dishonored series is how you can use and combine your powers in clever ways to dish out death in the most stylish way possible. Arkane know this, and that’s why they’ve released a bunch of creative kill gifs.

This little flourish is called Transposition. Release a doppelganger away from the conflict you’re in and you can possess it to escape, following up with an explosive treat for your attackers, if you wish.

This one relies on the one-two punch of Domino and Far Reach. Link the guards’ fates with the former, then yank them to their deaths with the latter. Pull them into a wall of light, off a cliff or whatever you fancy.

Here’s another one for anyone who likes tampering with walls of light. Get it to target hostiles and then use Winblast to fire them straight into it, vaporising them. Lovely.

Now this one isn’t really a combo or a creative kill, it’s just showing off the new Emily power, Mesmerise. Summoning a void from some dark dimension, Emily can use the distraction to slip by unnoticed, or to slip a knife into someone’s back.