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Dishonored 2 lets you perform non-lethal melee attacks and block bullets with your sword

Dishonored 2 Emily Far Reach

Dishonored 2 just had a lengthy gameplay stream on IGN, featuring a mission played by one of the lead designers, from both Corvo and Emily’s perspective. Co-creative director Harvey Smith on-hand with some commentary, and avid listeners (hi) might have picked up some new details. 

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The demo started with actress Rosario Dawson’s character – who is owner of your base, the Dreadful Whale – sailing you into a mission.

The docks at the mission’s start are a neutral area, and Smith promises more missions will be laid out like this – they’ll be more densely populated, and not everyone is an enemy unless you make yourself one.

I won’t spoil the mission for you, but here are some of the new features I noticed while watching:

  • You can now peek over cover, not just around corners.
  • There are non-lethal melee takedowns, not just a stealth choke. You can slide into a melee knockout, for example.
  • The combat choke is a new way to control enemies who are aggroed. You can stun enemies and grab them around the throat – from here you can choke them out, use them as a human shield or even throw them.
  • One of the more creative uses of powers the gameplay demo showed was summoning Emily’s doppelganger double, strapping a mine to its back and letting it attack an enemy, triggering the mine once in proximity.
  • Black Bone Charms are a rare new variant of upgrade. Sometimes enemies will have them equipped, granting them interesting abilities.
  • Bend Time allows you to scrub time forward slightly.
  • If you kill their friends, guards will sometimes flee. When running away, they can fall over, giving you a chance to capitalise on their error and making you feel like an absolute badass.
  • There’s a sword upgrade that allows you to block incoming projectiles like a certain cyborg ninja.
  • Your cabin in the Dreadful Whale changes based on your in-game actions.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure we’ll find out more over the coming weeks, as Dishonored 2 launches on November 11. Don’t expect our review before then, though, as publishers Bethesda have created a new anti-consumer policy to make critiques prior to release impossible.