Prime Gaming offering one of the best immersive sims as a free game

One of Arkane's best immersive sims is currently a free game for Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers, and it's also at a huge discount on Steam too

Prime Gaming offering one of the best immersive sims as a free game

Who doesn’t love a free game? Sure, I might be pushing the limit of what that means when it comes as part of a subscription, but if you’re already paying for such a thing then getting one of the best immersive sims and stealth games as part of the deal just makes it all the sweeter. If you hadn’t already guessed it, I’m talking about Arkane’s excellent Dishonored 2.

While the Dunwall rat simulator only just became available to redeem, you don’t need to worry, as you can get it for free on GOG between December 27, 2022 and February 14, 2023.

All you need is either an Amazon Prime membership or a Prime Video subscription, and you can redeem Arkane’s incredible sequel for your PC, if you somehow haven’t already played it. It all comes down to a code offered by Amazon, so if you ever unsubscribe from the service you’ll still have the game on GOG.

A sequel to Arkane’s 2012 stealth game Dishonored, Dishonored 2 lets you choose between playing as Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin, as the two explore large levels in the Steampunk city of Dunwall, using upgradable powers and the environment to achieve their goals. Freedom of choice is the name of the game here, so perhaps you want to play the whole game without killing anyone, or killing everyone. The replay value on a game like Dishonored 2 can’t be understated, and it’s the perfect game to get lost in over the holidays (or any time really).

However you celebrate during the festive period, there’s no question that gaming giants are giving away free games, as the Epic Games Store is offering daily free games – with Sable, Wolfenstein, Death Stranding, and Metro all making the list. As of writing, there are still a few more games to come too, so keep an eye out.

You can get the PC code for the free game of Dishonored 2 from Amazon’s website. Alternatively you can find Dishonored 2 and a number of relevant bundles over on Steam, all of which are at least 80% off.

If you aren’t subscribed to Amazon’s service and want to know all about it, we have everything you need to know about Prime Gaming right here. If you want to take another trip to some virtual lands instead, why not check out our look at the best open-world games of the year, all of which are sure to satiate your hunger.