Arkane “ramping up” for “next-gen development” post-Dishonored

Let us hope those Brigmore witches stay in their namesake. Brr.

Did you know? By the time Dishonored: Game of the Year edition rolls up in October, its parent game will have been around for a whole year. I feel as if greatness has somehow been normalised in the interim.

Arkane Studios, meanwhile, have become the new darlings of the games industry. They’re currently “ramping up on what comes next”, say Bethesda. “Next-gen development”.

“While we can’t talk about what’s on the horizon, we wanted to let prospective game developers know that they’re already building up their team for the next project,” wrote the publisher on their blog.

A slew of new roles have become available at Arkane’s Austin outpost, including lead tech engineer and tools programmer – both of which reference the PC alongside next-gen systems, quashing a worry you probably hadn’t thought to have yet.

The Lyon office is looking for a senior AI programmer, level designer and level architect. God, imagine being a levels guy at Arkane. It’d be like being Da Vinci’s pencil sharpener.

Rumour has had it that Bethesda handed the keys to Prey 2 to Arkane’s Texas studio after a messy breakup with original developers Human Head. And a Dishonored sequel is still very much on the cards, of course. Is there anything else you’d like to see Arkane turn their continent-spanning hand to?