The Knife of Dunwall is set loose today


Thousands of identical Empresses will be murdered across the globe today in scenes muddy onlookers will describe as, “harrowing, but sorta familiar”. Yes, Dishonored’s alternate-perspective day-to-day-Daud sim is out, it’s the best game of last year’s first story-driven DLC campaign to date, and it’s probably going to be brilliant.

New protagonist Daud comes with his own uniquely nasty set of skills, which range from wrist-mounted mini-crossbows and disintegration-inducing arc mines to an ability Corvo could never muster, no matter how many runes he collected: speech.

The Knife of Dunwall, like its DLC follow-up The Brigmore Witches, is voiced by Reservoir Dogs man and cinematic head-trimmer Michael Madsen. In his hands on with The Knife of Dunwall, our Steve found his contributions rendered the game even Thiefier than it was in the original campaign.

You can find it on that thar Steam, for $9.99 / £7.99. Will you be shouldering all of Daud’s shame and regret for a few hours this evening?