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Dishonored meets Jurassic Park in this steampunk RPG

Strap: Zeppelins and Tesla and dinos, oh my!

Remember way back when you used to put on your fanciest cravat for a jolly day of fending hungry velociraptors with a flintlock pistol while hanging from a blimp by a rope? Truly, the best of times. Patagon: The Forbidden Island remembers, and so is ready to take you on a Dishonored and Bioshock-style adventure through jurassic jungles and steampunk skies in an open-world RPG, with optional VR support.

The RPG game, described by developer Joren Winge as a “steampunk open-world VR adventure game” is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Players will enter an “alternate steampunk reality”, where “Zeppelins have replaced ships”. You play as an ex-army lieutenant-turned-hunter, about to tangle with the deadliest animal of all: not man, obviously, but massive dinosaurs.

The gameplay is set to be a mix of action, stealth, and puzzles. As for weapons, what steampunk game would be complete without some awesome-sounding weapons that don’t really make much sense, but that’s fine because ‘Tesla did it’? Here, there’s the Tesla gun and steam rifle, plus a whole snuffbox of traps, bombs, and explosives. We’re, er, getting less confident in these dinos by the minute.

Polish your brass monocle with a handkerchief like they did in the good old days (probably) and check out some footage below:


Patagon: The Forbidden Island will be fully playable on desktop, but also supports “Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest 1, Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, PSVR, all Vive headsets, HP Reverb G2 headset, and any other HMD that supports Steam VR”. Tesla, the inventor of VR headsets, would be proud.

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