This Divinity: Original Sin 2 player proved you can kill bosses with their own portraits

divinity original sin 2 boss paintings

Our review calls Divinity: Original Sin 2 a best-in-class game in three different genres. Now we can add a fourth genre to that list, because it turns out it’s also a stellar painting murder simulator. As in killing people with paintings. Of themselves.

The new Divinity is so good we’re already calling it one of the best RPGs on PC.

Original Sin 2 is filled with hubristic characters, and naturally that means the game world is populated by all manner of portraits of various egotists. That includes Act 1 boss Bishop Alexander. As reported by Kotaku, one player nicked all Alexander’s portraits and sent them crashing down on the Bishop’s head, offering a dramatically ironic death for the antagonist.

It’s not an easy task, as you can see from Ryan N’s video above. The paintings are fragile, taking damage even as they smack Alexander’s head, and it’s down the last portrait before he’s taken out. Our painting-wielding hero says it took a night’s worth of preparation to get set up for the killing blow, and it meant first rounding the battlefield to deal with all the lackeys before going mano y pintura.

It seems paintings are generally more useful than you’d think in combat, since apparently they can also be used to block doorways and prevent reinforcements from joining a fight. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is open enough to account for all manner of playstyles, and I’m sure within six months we’ll have a paintings-only speedrun to marvel at.