Divinity: Original Sin 2 gets new faces, mod features, and more with free ‘gift bags’

Larian Claus has a new bunch of gifts to give out

There are two things everyone loves: gifts, and Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin 2. Now we can get those things all at once thanks to a set of ‘gift bags’ which will come to the game over the course of the year. These are essentially just small, free updates adding little new features and bits of content to make your further adventures in D:OS2 a little nicer next time around.

The first gift bag is out today, and it brings a host of new character creation options. Each race gets new faces, hairstyles, and facial features in character creation, and you can respec your face with the stuff by using the Magic Mirror aboard the Lady Vengeance.

Larian hasn’t provided details on when the second bag will come, but it will bring “new features and content inspired by our modding community.” Further gift bags are implied to follow, but we don’t have even the tiniest hint about what their content will be. Larian does, however, make clear that “gift bags are soft, and contain gifts,” in contrast to loot boxes, “which are hard, ostensibly containing loot.”

These updates are coming courtesy of a partnership with some external developers – namely, Fool’s Theory and Anshar Studios.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was already excellent at launch, and then we got even more great stuff like a major overhaul with the Definitive Edition. I doubt anyone expected to keep the free updates rolling like this, but I similarly doubt anyone’s going to say no to further updates.

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Larian’s working on something called Project Gustav, last we heard, which is named after founder and CEO Swen Vincke’s pet dog. There’s some hint that it could be a further sequel, but we’ll have to keep waiting before we find out for sure.