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Divinity: Original Sin will launch on June 20th, ruining summer plans

Divinity: Original Sin launch

When Divinity: Original Sin’s launch was pushed back to “some time in spring”, Larian may have been including the traditionally considered summer month, June in that window. Because that’s when it’s actually coming out. June 20th, to be specific. Conveniently, this is also the first weekend of my final year of being a vital 20-something. So I’ll need something to take away the sting. 

The turn-based fantasy RPG officially moved into beta earlier this month, adding 400 improvements including proper character customisation and witches. If you can’t wait until June, you can still pick up the Early Access version on Steam. 

Larian’s also celebrating the one year anniversary of the end of the successful Kickstarter campaign with a new trailer showing off what they’ve done over the last 12 months of development.

It’s rather a lot.