Divinity: Original Sin patch breathes life into AI characters and reduces faffing

Divinity: Original Sin patch

I’m quite smitten with Divinity: Original Sin. It walks the line between nostalgic throwback and fresh inventiveness, and if you want more detail than that, then you should read my Divinity: Original Sin review

If you’ve already done that, you’ll know that one of my few complaints about the game was the lack of a consistent personality for AI Source Hunters. If the latest patch does what it says on the tin, then this issue has been completely dealt with.

Until today, your Source Hunter companion didn’t really have a personality of their own. They were either completely controlled by the player, a yes man or woman, or all over the place, being kind and loving one moment, and greedy or cruel the next.

Thanks to the patch, you can now select an AI personality at character creation, and your companion will make dialogue choices based on that foundation. So you’ll still be able to have arguments with your chum, but their position will make sense rather than being selected at random every single time.

There’s a vast changelog to browse through for those interested, as this patch adds a lot more than AI personalities.

Perhaps of greatest note is a new sort by type inventory system. Inventory management was a bit of a mess before, only offering tabs that showed a few different types of item that were completely separate. So, if you wanted to look at your arms and armour, you wouldn’t be able to see the rest of your inventory, and you’d need to switch back. Now they can be sorted by type all in the same inventory screen.

You can read the full patch notes on the Divinity forums.