DIY Lego OLED monitor looks like a tiny text adventure display

A tech tinkerer has created a Lego OLED monitor, and the ridiculously small retro display looks like a text adventure setup for Minifigures

Lego OLED monitor next to original space set brick on wood surface

A talented tinkerer has created a tiny Lego OLED monitor, and it looks like something Minifigures would play text adventure games on. Inspired by a computer-style wedge block from the toy maker’s iconic space set, the DIY part is armed with a dinky OLED display, complete with a scrolling animation that brings the brick to life.

In a Twitter clip, modder James Brown shows off their Lego OLED monitor and its electronic innards. To replicate the look of the original space-themed part, the screen uses a similar, transparent 3D printed wedge that allows its ridiculously small panel to shine through. Upon popping it onto another brick, the retro-inspired screen springs to life, and it wouldn’t look out of place in a Ridley Scott’s Alien movie.

It’s worth noting that while the DIY Lego brick looks like a vintage gaming monitor, the lines of text on its screen are literal white lines. So, while we’d love to play Rogue (the original Roguelike game) on a display smaller than our eyeballs, you’ll have to use a normal sized gaming PC panel to explore the past for now.

If you’re familiar with Lego parts, you’ll know that there are tons of wedge bricks that resemble real-life screens. In a follow-up tweet, Brown says they’re going to work through a small pile of plastic displays, and the creator has already given a ‘radar’ part the same treatment.

Again, this tiny computer screen doesn’t display actual text, but it would help us create a mini retro gaming setup for Lego Batman. The project is also a testament to the abilities of OLED technology, especially when it comes to packing it into a small space.